Wednesday, October 3, 2012

TABBY UPDATE - 10-03-2012

Yesterday, we got the results of Tabby's latest CT scan, and it showed shrinkage in almost all of the tumors!  The ones that didn't shrink were stable, so we're very happy.  Some shrank by only .1 centimeter, other shrank by a whole centimeter.  The point is, they're getting smaller.  And that's a good thing.  There is hope, and we will continue to move forward.

It's been taking her longer and longer to recover between treatments.  The Nulasta is the bane of her existence, as it is one of the most brutal drugs I've every seen.  And now, as a side effect, it seems to be leeching the calcium out of her body, which has resulted in horrific migraines and extended bouts with vomiting.  The pain, the exhaustion, the nausea, all makes it hard for her to keep chipper, but she tries.

We'd like to thank everyone who has offered assistance.  Our insurance is holding and helping.  The co-payments and our end of the treatments are expensive, and they are slowly building, but at this time, everything is manageable.  I need to send thank-you's to my parents, who have been helping on chemo days by keeping Zoe and sending dinner home; to my daughter Anna for driving when I can't; to Ruth (Tabby's mom) who comes down whenever Tabby needs her; to my brother and his family for their assistance whenever we ask; and to all of our friends for understanding why we haven't seen them for so long.  To everyone who has bought a copy of DROPLETS, you have no idea the difference you've made in helping pay our medical bills.  And to everyone else who has sent love, care packages, good thoughts and vibes, sent e-mails or called, thank you very much.  You are helping to keep our spirits alive and you are as much a part of the healing and recovery process as the chemotherapy.

We love you guys very much.


If anyone would like to purchase a copy of DROPLETS, it is still available.  Also, for those wishing to show support for ANY cancer victim, you can do so at Choose Hope.


  1. Scott--This is a moving testimony to Tabby's will be survive and to the power of love in all forms. Keep on keepin' on.

    Julie Andrews

  2. I'll continue to keep Tabby, you and all your family in my prayers. The news is good!! Now we'll keep hoping that it just gets better and better. And that the Nulasta does it's job against the cancer, while taking it easier on Tabby's boddy!

    Thanks for posting the update!

  3. I love you guys. This is so wonderful. You're always in my thoughts.

  4. Thank you for the update!!! So glad the tumors are shrinking!!! You all are in my thoughts and prayers.... Love you bunches xoxoxoxo

  5. DITCH POWER. Good to know the update.

  6. Good news! Yea!!!! I'm so glad to hear this. Still sending flower power your way! Give Tabby lots of kisses and hugs in her better moments. We all love you bunches!

  7. Still praying for you guys! Very Glad to hear the cancer's taking a beating. Thanks for the updates.

  8. Awesome news, Scott! Keeping you all in my thoughts.

  9. Wonderful news Scott! I'm a believer in prayers/ energy from those that love you and Tabby, and many of us will continue to send you all the love and energy we can. Tons of hugs to you and her, and all your family. Tons of healing and joyful energy!! We will keep them coming!